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Paternity testing may pay for itself for years to come
Whether you are the biological mother, or the alleged father, Paternity Testing may change you life and the life of the child. 

First, from the perspective of the mother:

It is imperative to determine who the biological father is. Not only does the child deserve to know who his/her biological father is, for future medical information, family and social implications, but a definitive DNA test will pave the road for the child's future. 

With an admissible paternity test, the mother can file for child support to assist with the financial needs of the child. It is the law, and the right and responsible thing for the biological father of the child to do.

Now, from the perspective of the alleged father:

On May 12, 2011, Texas Senate Bill 785 became law.  The new law addresses this situation: a man signs an acknowledgment of paternity for a child or was adjudicated to be the father of the child in a previous proceeding without genetic testing. Subsequently, the man finds evidence of misrepresentations concerning whether he is really the child’s biological father. If the result of genetic testing excludes the alleged father as the child’s biological father, the court shall render an order terminating the parent-child relationship.

"(h) If the results of genetic testing ordered under Subsection (f) exclude the petitioner as the child's genetic  father, the court shall render an order terminating the  parent-child relationship.
  (i) An order under Subsection (h) terminating the  parent-child relationship ends the petitioner's obligation for  future support of the child as of the date the order is rendered."

Child support is the responsibility of the biological father. If the "alleged" father takes a paternity test and the results determine that he is not the biological father, he should not have the burden of child support and should be absolved of any financial responsibility to the child.

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